• High-Fiber

  • More than 45% Whole Grains

  • More than 15% Dried Fruits, Raisins, and Nuts

  • Helps Manage Weight

  • 100% Vegan


9 Months

Given our hectic lives you desire health, nutrition, and often you do NOT seem to find the time to build it from scratch in your kitchen. Zerobeli Crunchy Fruit Delight muesli is what we think can help you tide over these limitations every day. Just drop 3 scoops of Crunchy Fruit Delight Muesli, mix it with skimmed milk and you are ready with your delicious morning treat.

Zerobeli Crunchy Fruit Delight Muesli is an exclusive blend of Whole Grains with a goodness of Apple, Papaya, and Pineapple, together with Golden Raisins and Almonds. It is perfect with milk, both, hot and cold even better with some yogurt. A new effortless way to your breakfast, this is quick, easy and nutritious.