September 15, 2021

With a higher protein percentage, oats are one of the super grains just after amaranth and quinoa. It provides a higher amount of fiber, calcium, and phosphorus. Many people just follow the trends and do not value the nutrients they can attain in a meal of oats.

Well, you can eat oats any time of the day and not just with the milk and fruits. It looks fancy to many on social media images but some struggle to eat milk and oats each day. This leads to lower interest to eat it every day and gradually the weight loss journey ends within a month’s time. I have personally tried these dishes with versatile oats and trust me they were all worth the effort. The best thing is you can have any of these dishes at any time of the day.

Oats upma. : We all have eaten the sooji upma but the oats upma was a delight to your taste buds. Follow your own recipe of sooji upma and just replace the sooji with oats. Later garnish with coconut, lemon juice, and coriander leaves. This meal with a lot of vegetables is a fuller meal for any time of the day.

Oats pancakes: For meals when you have sugar cravings. Just crush the oats into a food processor and add milk, baking powder, banana ( for natural sugar), and a pinch of cinnamon. The cinnamon will give it an aromatic flavor. You can quickly make a pancake or waffle of these as per your choice.

Oats idli: when I get bored of eating the same I tried this dish and it turned out to be a tasty and healthy one. Add all vegetables in chopped size to the oats batter. Stream them for 15 mins and the healthiest meal is ready. Have them with fresh coriander, green chili, and coconut chutney.

Oats chicken kebab: Well, this dish is for all chicken lovers. The texture of these kebabs will melt down in your mouth as it’s made of yogurt, chicken, cottage cheese, and green chillies. You can add your own version to this recipe and serve them to your friends. This is super healthy and fuller for any dinner party in the house.

Blueberries Oats porridge: For all the midnight cravings. This is the simplest of all dishes. Just mix the oats in milk, add sugar ( if required) cardamom and fresh blueberries on the top. This meal is a mood uplifter for me and maybe it works for you as well.

Try these amazing dishes this week with the healthiest whole rolled oats from Zerobeli. They are best for your gut health as they are made of no preservatives and rich in antioxidants. Focus on the good food for your body and you will be one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. Share this with someone who hated oats and you could help them look at different perspectives of good meals they are currently missing out.