September 15, 2021

Ohh man, this is every mom’s stress across the globe. It doesn’t matter which place you belong to; this is a real struggle for every mother out there. The advertisements on television, the friends in the school and love by relatives all come with lots of content on kids enjoying chocolates.

We can’t blame the kids for their connection with chocolate; it’s the entire ecosystem that has created kids’ behavior. Calories intake by just a piece of chocolate is way more than any other product. The real challenge is how to overcome it with grace.

Option 1: Make chocolate out of sight: Well, this is the most followed approach by many moms across the globe. They don’t eat nor bring any chocolate home and don’t allow relatives to get that home.

This works until the child tastes and decides for himself it tastes best (No brainer, right?) or until he encounters some friend who is fond of chocolates. Well, dear moms, you can stop them from not eating chocolates at home, but you can control them from socializing. So be wise next time when you end up going this way.

Option 2: Chocolate in moderate quantity is suitable for kids as well: Well, many of my friends say this now as they find it difficult to stop their kids from eating chocolates. Although it’s totally their choice, I have a few follow up questions on this:

  1. How many times do your kids eat them per week?
  2. How do you keep track of sugar intake for each day?
  3. Do they have sugar cravings or not?

Although the list could go on, I stop the mom in me there and then, as I don’t want my friends to be offended by it.

Option 3: Alternative to direct chocolates is Zerobeli Choco flakes: My tried and tested method over the last 8 months. It works well with my kid, so it might work for you as well. First, list down the calorie intake in approx values for a week. Then along with fruits + milk + and the crunchy choco flakes, try to incorporate it into their weekly meal every alternative day. This way, you are keeping track of calories and chocolate intake in a healthier way for your kid.

Make Energy balls of Zerobeli Choco flakes with nuts and some sugar. Bake them, and you can take them in a bag on the trips as well. Try to find ways your kids like to eat chocos this way to help them stay healthy. This will gradually kill their attraction towards eating chocolate as by then they will enjoy the chocos more than anything else.

Be a wise mom and crack this situation easily by making small changes in your kid’s diet. Then, you can quickly get out of this trap like many moms did who opted for Zerobeli Chocos for the first time.