August 19, 2021

Corn flakes are lightweight small pockets of fiber for your gut. Mix them with a protein-based
product for better absorption. Midday meals are often left ignored before hectic work
schedules or diet charts. This results in a hunger strike around 4 pm.
This is when the choice you make changes the results. If you end up ordering food or going
to that street stall near your place then the calories intake will be up by 10X times. However,
on the other end, thinking logically about making a cornflake’s meal as a snack for the
evening could be a game-changer. I recently started including the new variant of Zerobeli
corn flakes and I must say it’s the tastiest roasted corn flakes you would have this year.
Well, like you, I was not a cornflakes fan but trying different food combinations with Zerobeli
corn flakes. I even started enjoying them as my mid day snack. The benefits of having corn
flakes are a huge list but here listing a few for you:

★ It fuels the body with appropriate amounts of energy for the rest of the day.
★ It helps your gut stay fuller for longer as it consists of 70% fiber.
★ Helps in the weight loss transformation as it reduces munching on other things.
★ It regulates cholesterol levels as it is light weight and dry roasted.
★ It has a carotenoid which is beneficial for better lung functionality.

Since by now you know why corn flakes snack is beneficial for you it would be easy to say
more yes to it. Some of my friends struggle with ways on how to consume it daily. Well, you
may follow the following food combinations with corn flakes each day:

➔ Bake them over the weekend as corn flakes cookies and have them each day.
➔ Make them as honey joys (Australian dish) it’s the tastiest combination of corn flakes & honey for
the sweet tooth cravings you have any time of the day
➔ Cornflakes with skimmed milk and walnuts
➔ Cornflakes with any seasonal fruits (strawberries/banana/apple).
➔ Cornflakes peanut bars with chia seeds. This is a double dose of a weight loss meal.
As chia seeds are highly recommended for the weight loss journey.
➔ Corn flakes chewda with vegetables such as beans, carrot, peas, and finely chopped
➔ Corn flakes as muffins. You can have either way with eggs or without eggs.
➔ Corn flakes chaat is one of the mouth-watering dishes (finely chopped onion tomato coriander
+ some lemon juice )

The list is a never-ending list of dishes a simple corn flake could offer you. It is all about the
perspective towards eating healthier meals.
Next time you wonder what to eat, have the Zerobeli healthy corn flakes in your jars and this
list of possible dishes you can make. The weight loss journey is not easy but with better
food choices you can make it achievable.