October 31, 2019

Protein and Fiber Packed Breakfast

In the battle of paranthas versus oatmeal, as kids, most of us would go with the former against the grain and succumb to the delicious taste of maida. However, as we get wiser and older, our priorities become different and often our health enforces us to end our love affair with everything whether maida or sugar and realize the good old oatmeal is more than just a healthy breakfast food. The power breakfast is rich in vitamins, minerals, and lipids, which possess unlimited benefits for our health.

As per a Nielsen India report concentrating on Indian breakfast consumption habits, oats proudly occupies a hefty 26 percent share in the breakfast cereal market. Zerobeli’s quick and healthy breakfast food essential is a whole grain powerhouse that packs a powerful punch with plenty of nutritional value for our health. Whether it’s plain oats or masala oats, adding Zerobelil to your diet will make you feel and look good.

Rich in fiber, high in protein, nothing can set you up for a day like this tasty treat of creamy oats topped with your favorite fruits and syrup. Zerobeli Oats are made from premium grains, fetched from the farm, and processed under ISO-certified facilities.

It’s about time to soak in yourZerobeli oats and reap the many benefits of this health trend that is here to stay.

  • Boosts Energy Instantly
    Zerobeli oats is packed with great benefits. They are a natural whole grain in short, they contain all 3 parts of the natural grain and are nominally processed.
  • Supports Weight Loss
    Zerobeli Oats is a low-calorie breakfast which slows digestion and helps you feel full all day long. Thus, reducing your appetite and helping you shed a few extra kilos.
  • Prevents Constipation
    As oats is rich source of fiber, both insoluble and insoluble form, it helps in regulating bowel movements. This, in turn, helps constipation issues at bay.
  • Reduces Hypertension
    Having a regular meal of oats is propitious towards reducing hypertension. So, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, include oats in your diet.
  • Removes Antioxidants
    Oats contain a range of molecules that act as antioxidants this includes avenanthramides, which are polyphenols. Avenanthramides keeps the blood pressure low by increasing nitric oxide production.
  • Protects Skin
    Oatmeal is known to normalize the skin’s pH and proves a strong potent to relieve itchy and uncomfortable skin, as per the American Academy of Dermatology.
  • Boosts Heart Health
    Zerobeli oatmeal contains both calcium and potassium which is linked to good heart health.

Zerobeli Oatmeal is not only satisfying and wholesome it is also a healthy morning meal. With our continuous research towards improving our products, we have the ability to transform the oat into products to a morning necessity. Zerobeli is not just a product, it’s a lifestyle.